Don’s 2018 Holiday eBook Sale

Just in time for the holidays, all codes expire after Christmas Day 2018!

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Learn to Be the Master for free! Define and achieve your own success with a step-by-step methodology, and focus on using that success to help others achieve theirs.

“Culture of Learning” isn’t just an annoying buzzword – it’s a real thing, or can be, in any organization. Embrace the true meaning of “culture” for just $5.

You don’t need a PhD in instructional design to create better, more effective learning experiences of all kinds. Instructional Design for Mortals is a concise volume and is just $5.

If you can Find a Wolf in Siberia then you can troubleshoot anything – it just takes the right attitude and a methodical approach. Only $5.

Master PowerShell Desired State Configuration with The DSC Book, on sale now for 50% off.

Take #PowerShell to a whole new place by learning the professional approach, in The PowerShell Scripting & Toolmaking Book, now 50% off.



Proceeds from these books benefit scholarship and nonprofit programs from The DevOps Collective. 

There’s no better way to learn than by making mistakes, and PowerShell By Mistake is the first book to guide you through that approach.

The absolute best book for absolute PowerShell beginners is Don Jones’ PowerShell 4N00bs.

ARE YOU HARDCORE EXTREME BLACK BELT POWERSHELL NINJA? Find out with these phased self-administered quizzes:

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