[clickbait] 2 Bar Games to Amaze and Astound

An easy way to make light conversation, or meet new people, can be to have a few simple bar games up your sleeve.

This first one starts with 8 coins of any denomination. The goal is to create two connected lines of no more than 4 coins per line, while using all of the coins. “Connected” means that each of the lines need to share at least one coin between them. Just lay the coins down on the table and let your new friend puzzle over it a bit. Most folks will often come up with something like this:


That’s close! It’s two lines, and they’re properly connected, but the one line has 5 coins, not 4. The answer is to think three dimensionally:


By overlapping the two lines, they’re sharing coins, and you only have 4 per line. Yeah, you could probably get into some arguments about the rules here, but it’s a bar trick, remember?

Next, grab 6 of the little cocktail straws every bar usually has. Paper ones are fine. Or even normal straws. Or toothpicks. Whatever. Lay three of them down to form a triangle. Then, explain that the goal is to use all 6 of them to create 4 identical triangles. Again, let your new friend puzzle over them for a bit.

The trick, again, is to go three dimensional.


See, pencils work, too! So do matches.

Anyway… do you have any similar bar tricks you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “[clickbait] 2 Bar Games to Amaze and Astound

  1. Ryan

    We used to do a trick/scam depending on how you do it… You would put 9 coins on the table in a 3×3 square. Then you would bet them X amount of dollars that you could tell them what coin they touched while not looking. You would turn around and close your eyes, and they would touch a coin. You would then look at the coins and choose a coin they touched. The cheat/scam (if betting $) was you had a friend in the crowed that would set their drink down on a napkin of where the coin was touch based on a 3×3 layout. Less of a “thinking out of the box” type challenge and more of a “how the heck does he keep doing that” type reaction. Usually after a few times and a lot of frustration we would let them know we were pretty much cheating…

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