Seeking a Small, yet Diverse, Group of Book Reviewers!

I’m in the midst of writing Let’s Talk Businessand I’d like a very small (3-5) number of reviewers. Read on – I’ve some specific requirements.

I’d like reviewers who are able to commit daily time, maybe an hour or so, to reading new chapters and offering commentary and feedback. This book is meant to be slightly “pushy” in tone, and it’s easy for me to go overboard when I write that way, so I’m looking for help in finding the right tone and the right message.

The time commitment is a big deal here, as I write quickly and don’t plan to wait months for feedback. You’re going to get a couple of new chapters on most days, and they’ll be around 2,000 words apiece. I’d expect feedback within 24 hours. 

I’d prefer reviewers who are themselves working for a business where they have direct reports. Those direct reports are the target audience for the book.

I’d love reviewers who can have one or more of their direct reports also review each chapter, at least on a weekly basis, and send me their commentary and feedback.

Everyone needs to be slightly thick-skinned because, as I’ve said, the tone is meant to be a little pushy, and I may go overboard. Actually, I probably will. It’s not intended to be insulting to anyone, but it may come across that way initially, which is why I want this feedback cycle – so I have a chance to fix it.

I’m also very explicitly looking for some cultural diversity, to make sure the tone isn’t going overboard with audiences that don’t think exactly like me. So, if you volunteer, feel free to share your gender and/or cultural/ethnic background, as that will assist in me getting a broader perspective on the feedback.

I’ll get you a free copy of the book, if you haven’t bought it. And, when it’s done, I’ll give you free copies for your entire team as well, since the book is really meant for them. 

If you’re interested, use the HMU page to drop me a line. Let me know a bit about your role in your current company, and reassure me that you’re on board with the time commitment I’ve outlined. If you’re a fit, I’ll be in touch.