Support a New Sci-Fi Author and get Two Novels for $5.

I love writing. It relaxes me, I can do it from anywhere, and it’s fun. Since 2001, I’ve written technology books – literally dozens of them – and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. But I’ve always wanted to branch out and tell stories.

Carpe diem, right? Why wait? I mean, worse case I suck at it, right?

My first sci-fi novel, Alabaster, is a storyline I’ve been knocking around in my head for years. It’s available in ebook form on Leanpub until April 2019, at which point I’ll shift it to Amazon exclusively.

Alabaster is a city on a distant world that humanity colonized and terraformed centuries ago. Humans are still thriving, but they’ve largely broken down into feudal societies… except the city of Alabaster. There, humans are still using the original machines to get by, although they’ve lost so much of their history that, to them, using the machines is almost a religious pursuit. Young Taryn is thrust into this world, which quickly turns upside down as they rediscover their roots, discover new threats and conspiracies, and more. Alabaster will be the first in a series.

Until 15-March-2019, copies of Alabaster purchased on Leanpub will include a special offer that lets you get my second novel, Power Wave, for free. 

Power Wave is a superhero novel with a bit of a twist. Our heroes aren’t garishly-clad, underwear-on-the-outside cover models. They’re underfunded, hard-working citizens who just happen to have a few extra abilities, facing down enemies with more cash and serious aspirations for world domination. Aside form that it’s the typical good-versus-bad struggle – until they start to understand where their powers come from. Power Wave is first in a series I’m calling the Prime Wave Accounting. The book is in early days right now, but as is always the case with Leanpub, buying it now gets you every future chapter, too.

I always love reader feedback! Alabaster will be finalized on 15-March-2019, so it’s not too late to give it a read and drop me a line. Full book reports may even qualify you for a special, limited-edition hardcover copy later this year! Use the “Email the Author” link on Leanpub to share your thoughts.

And… thank you for supporting independent authors!