5th DevOps Camp Now Accepting Campers

Looks like DevOps Camp will be happening in July this year, and you can get all the details you might need, as well as sign up.

You might be wondering what Camp is all about.

First, and because someone every year does ask, no, the sessions are not recorded. If you’re wondering why, then read on.

Camp is not a conference. It’s a very close-knit group of about 20 DevOps practitioners (about 50-70% are alumni in any given year), from all around the world, who come together to share stories, practices, lessons, techniques, and more. Much of the time is spent in a boardroom-style situation, where everyone can discuss things openly and actively. “Presentations,” such as they are, are given by the attendees (usually alumni, although anyone can propose) , but they always involve vigorous Q&A, discussion, and so on. Those’re all reasons why recording just isn’t practical.

Everyone agrees to Camp NDA, too, which means everyone can share real-world details, pitfalls, and screwups without fear. Yet another reason for no recordings.

There are no “pro” speakers here – everyone at Camp does DevOps for a living, in their real, full-time job. Or they’re a Microsoft employee actually working on DevOps tooling and technologies – we get a few of those at Camp every year, too.

Campers discuss things like building DevOps toolchains, dealing with upper management on DevOps as a philosophy, constructing scripts to handle delicate provisioning tasks, working through cultural issues in DevOps adoptions, integrating better with developers, and a lot more. Real-world stuff. Stuff a mere conference just can’t get into. And because Camp doesn’t involve more than a couple dozen people, you get face time, all the time – unlike those bigger events where you’re just a number in a spreadsheet, consuming another nasty boxed lunch.

A good bit of value time happens in the evenings, where discussions can be more casual. This is also where everyone gets to know each other, and Campers have formed true professional relationships that endure. A Slack workspace connects everyone between Camps, providing a place to bounce questions, share news, and more.

And if you’re thinking you’d need some serious icebreaking to get along in that kind of setting, you’re covered, because one whole afternoon is spent in the pool. It’s the most casual way to “talk shop,” and it’s honestly where some of the best discussions have originated.

DevOps Camp forms lasting impact. “Tug,” the open-source PowerShell DSC Pull Server, was literally born at Camp, and continues to this day – and that’s just one example.

Camp is so important, and so effective, that when I finally needed to step away from running it, to focus on other aspects of my own career, the Campers stepped right in and took over. This is their second year running it independently, and they’re crushing it. They’re truly amazing people with a ton of respect for each other and for their trade.

Camp is just $1600, and that includes your hotel room and about half your meals. Trust me when I tell you it’ll be one of the most career-changing things you can do with that money.

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    I’ve been a PowerShell dev for the past 4 years and a System Engineer for the past 7 working in Operations roles. I’ve been following DevOps closely for the past 2 and every company I have worked for unfortunately did allow me the opportunity to explore this way of working professionally. At first glance this camp this seems like it’s an amazing experience and opportunity. Do you think this camp would be right for me?

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