[rant] How Not to Do Advertising on Your Website

If you know me, then you know I love Disney, and especially Disney Parks. I just do. And anyone who loves Disney Parks likes nothing (except Disney Parks) as much as reading about Disney Parks. I follow several websites – MousePlanet, Theme Park Insider, WDW Magic, and more. One site I’ve valued for years has been WDW News Today. They do a ton of great photo updates, and usually have many articles posted throughout the day. Definitely helped feed my habit.

But man, they’ve about ruined their website.

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AMA: What’s not worth automating?

Anna asks:

At which point do you stop automating repeatable tasks? As in, what tasks aren’t worth automating? My boss wants me to automate all SQL Server database repeatable tasks.
Good question. BTW, if you have a question, use the “HMU” menu link to hit me up.

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DIY Snacky Packs

TI’ve been trying to improve my tumultuous relationship with food, and that’s involved eating a little bit, more frequently, and cutting back on the amount of starches I eat. It’s been a huge help. One of the biggest helpers – because I’m all about “don’t have to think about it” – has been the Sargento Balanced Break packs. They’re pre-measured for me, are easy to carry, and come in convenient three-packs that cost a whopping $5. They also create a lot of plastic waste, which sucks.

Time for a fix.

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