Go On… You Know You Want To Ask.

This is a request: treat this as an “Ask Me Anything.” I’d like questions from you. Ideally, ones you think I can answer, but given a running start I’m sure I can come up with some answer <grin> to whatever you might ask. One caveat:

Try to avoid deep technical questions. I’m honestly just not knee-deep in technology anymore. Market outlooks, where things are headed, sure; don’t as me what’s wrong with your Outlook. I dunno.

Head over to my HMU page, and drop me a question. Anything. Well, I mean, ideally not something super-niche, but otherwise, anything. I’m going to use these questions to construct a series of blog posts, maybe start some discussions here, and so on. I ask that you let me use your first (given) name only, when I publish your article. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you like, or just drop a question in.

I’ll note that any career-related questions are more than welcome, although I may answer them at BeTheMaster.com instead. I’ll Tweet them either way.

If you can, help me spread this around on social media a bit – I’m very much looking forward to a big variety! And, you’re more than welcome to ask multiples – you can do so in one comment, or multiples, whichever works better for you.

Thanks for playing along, and if you’d like to see what others have asked so far, here’s the full list of questions and answers.