My 2020 Resolution: Stop Being Selfish. (You Can Help.)

So, in looking back at 2019, and even 2018, I realized that I was being a bit selfish in a super-specific way. It’s something I want to change for 2020, and it’s something you can help me with.

Here’s the deal: I know a lot of folks in the IT industry, a lot of whom are renowned experts in their space. That’s partly because I’ve been around a while, and some of the people I “grew up with” are now doing amazing things. It’s partly because so much of my career was spent at conferences, where I got to meet these incredible professionals. And it’s partly because I’ve been able to work with some of the best tech companies out there, meaning I’ve worked with the wonderful people who make those companies so great.

I’ve leaned on these people, believe me. They’ve gotten be out of technical jams, given me career advice, helped me understand how different types of businesses run, and offered me some fresh new perspectives on things I thought I’d already figured out. They asked nothing for all that help, because they’re simply great people. They’re a big part of what I wrote Be the Master, which is more than anything else my distilled effort to “pay it forward” like they all did.

But I’ve realized that not everyone has ready access to such a diverse pool of wonderful people. And so for 2020, I’m going to try and open up my pool of people to you.

I’m launching a project that I’m calling IT Briefings. They’ll start when you visit that page and suggest a topic that you’d like to discuss with a topical expert (the page includes some broad suggestions for the kind of thing I’m thinking of). Once I get some submissions, I’ll start digging through my Contacts app and finding the right people to talk to. When I do, you, they, and I will get on a call together. I’ll moderate the discussion, you’ll ask tons of questions, and we’ll record the whole thing and release it to the public.

I don’t currently have a predetermined cadence for these; it’ll all depend on who jumps in, and what topics they’re interested in. I’ll experiment with the logistics, too, since I’m imagining it may sometimes be challenging to figure out my schedule, your schedule, and the schedule of these incredibly busy, talented people we want to talk to.

So you can help right away by submitting some topical ideas. You can also help by spreading this message far and wide on social media, so we can get even more people engaged.

Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!