Interested in a Monthly “IT BYOB Chat?”

OK… so, I’m wondering if there’s room in the world for some kind of monthly “IT BYOB” video chat. I’m going to state some of my assumptions; you can like/dislike to let me know if I’m on-base or off-base. Here we go:

The Basic Idea

The basic idea is to have a small-ish group (~6 people, I’m thinking) hop on a video call once a month after work. We’d have a theme each month, and the idea would be just to have an open discussion about the theme while we enjoy our favorite libations. The recordings would be posted for all to consider and enjoy.


We’d do this once a month, I’m thinking on a Thursday (because people just want it over with on Fridays), and I’m thinking 5pm or 6pm to allow for the North American time zones, and I’m thinking we go for maybe an hour.


Membership would be voluntary, and you’d be committing to show up and actually talk about your opinions for about an hour each time. After that, you could drop off and we’d pick up a new member from the application list. Max membership would be ~6 months.


I’d select the topics and moderate these, but anyone could suggest a topic for consideration. But we’d talk about opinion stuff. Does System Center really have a robust future? How do you get users to complain less about a rollout? Is it worth looking at job listings or are there better ways to find jobs? When possible, I’d bring guests on who have an expertise in the topical area, so we could grill them.

Final Thoughts?

I’d love any final thoughts or comments you may have, right in the comments box below.

5 thoughts on “Interested in a Monthly “IT BYOB Chat?”

  1. jatinpurohit

    Would love to see diverse group of people ranging from top leadership positions to an individual contributor. That would spice up the discussion

  2. stevelovespowershell

    I think it would be great. I am a systems engineer from WAY Back. I think a cool old school discussion about the way we use to do things would be fun.

  3. Carlton Whitmore

    Don – sounds like an interesting idea. I think an hour might be a bit too long. How about 45min?

  4. Sumit Khanna

    I would totally be interesting in participating in this! I’ve got a mic/headphone/video setup at home and could commit to this for sure! I’ve done a lot of meetup talks, current work in devops (Linux/terraform/k8s/aws) and do a lot of OSS work in Python/Scala/Ruby. My timezone is America/Chicago. Please send me an e-mail.

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