My New Travel Charging Nirvana

Picked up one of these three-in-one Qi chargers (I got it from Amazon, but it doesn’t appear to be listed anymore) and couldn’t be happier with it. If you’re embedded in the Apple ecosystem, it’s perfect:

It’ll handle your phone, your watch – via a flip-up Mfi puck that lets Nightstand mode work – and a set of AirPods Pro. It’s powered by USB-C, and while it comes with a great single-port wall brick, I also got one of these dual-port ones, so I can also charge my iPad Pro.

The charging pad is extremely lightweight, it’s got a non-slip ring for the phone to sit on, and it slots into my small laptop back just behind my Kindle or iPad. The brick itself is pretty small, and I only need two USB-C PD cables to run the whole setup.

This, versus a multi-port charger, a cable for the phone (which I’d share with the AirPods), a cable for the iPad, and a cable-puck for the watch, which was a lot. Now, I can’t charge the Kindle, but I’m used to amping it up before I leave home, and in airplane mode it’ll last a month easily. I have seen USB-C-to-micro-USB cables I could use for the Kindle, or if I needed to take (and charge) my Bose headset. Although frankly, I’ve found the AirPods Pro to have sufficient noise canceling for use on flights, so long as I don’t need them for more than about four hours.

What’s your as-minimal-as-possible to-go kit for charging everything?