Help Make More Books Free

I’ve been looking through some of my books, and realized that some of them are nearing a point where they could be free.

I’ve already made a bunch of my tech books free. For example, if you check out my Leanpub author page, a mess of those are actually “$0.00 minimum, pay what you like,” and many of those donate whatever you do choose to pay to The DevOps Collective.

My general policy is that the book needs to repay its investment, which differs from book to book, at which point I’ll make it $0 minimum price. For books where I’ve hired an editor, that cost is baked into my “repay” number. To give you some ideas:

So if you haven’t grabbed these titles, if you think they might be interesting, and if you’d like to help make them available to anyone, those’re the goals. Think of it as a Kickstarter where you get the book immediately, and when it hits the goal, you’re helping make it available to everybody.

Note that Amazon sales of these do count, although they count a bit less because Amazon keeps a lot more. But, when you buy through Amazon, you’re helping Jeff Bezos buy a new planet, or whatever he’s been eyeing recently. So there’s that.