The Fate of “Be the Master” and “Let’s Talk Business”

I was recently approached by a traditional book publisher – one I quite like, by the way – about the possibility of writing a “soft skills” book that would be specific to technology professionals.

We spoke at length, and I got really interested in the idea. They’d come to me about it after seeing Be the Master, because they felt a lot of what was in that book might apply to the project they had in mind. I thought they were right. In fact, when I started looking at what would be “left” in Be the Master if I took out everything I’d want to repurpose into a “soft skills” book, there wasn’t much, and I wasn’t really married to any of it.

As there conversation continued, we started talking about “how to learn the rules of the business game,” since most of us make our careers in the business world. Let’s Talk Business was drawn into the conversation, as I really do feel a lot of that book is almost a pre-requisite to being successful when you work for a business.

So right now, the proposal is with them and will doubtless go through some more tweaking, but it’s looking like a combining and re-purposing of Be the Master and Let’s Talk Business, along with a healthy set of chapters on core soft skills like communications, personal brand-building, and so on. I’ve gotten really excited about the project, and once it’s green-lit I’ll be sure to share more.

But the outcome will be the retirement of both Be the Master and Let’s Talk Business in favor of this new book. So, if you’re interested in purchasing either of those in their current forms, now’s the time. Once the outline is approved and I begin the new manuscript, both of those books will cease to be available. The links here will go to Leanpub, which offers EPUB, MOBI, and PDF versions; if you want a paperback, you’ll need to jump on Amazon instead. I believe both books are also still in Kindle Unlimited, although once I retire them they’ll be yanked from your device if you’ve borrowed them. However, if you’ve already purchased the books on Leanpub, you will always be able to re-download them anytime you like. I’ll simply be disabling new sales by retiring the books.

I appreciate everyone who’s provided feedback for both books – through four editions of Be the Master! – and I’m really looking forward to starting on this new book. I feel it’ll be a bit of a return-to-roots for me, as I’m going to refocus the material more tightly on a technologist rather than the more-generic audience both books currently target. I do plan to drop “The Grind” portion of Be the Master, as what I’m hearing from folks suggests it’s not really a process most people are engaging in (which is fine), but much of the rest of the book, and it’s overall message, will definitely carry on to the new tome.

I hope you’ll stick around for the next adventure!

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