Listen: Messing with Sound

In this episode, Josh and I get a little introspective, and talk about our podcasting rigs. Whether you’re interested in starting a podcast, live streaming on Twitch, or just sounding better in Zoom or Teams, this is worth a listen.

Constitution Class: Fifth Amendment

Along with the 1st and 2nd, the 5th is probably one of our most famous amendments. It gives you the legal right not to narc on yourself, but it’s had a broader impact than you might think.

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Constitution Class: The First Amendment

If you live outside the US, or even if you live in the US and just haven’t been especially interested in government stuff, our Constitutional amendments might seem a little confusing — especially given the contexts in which they’re often raised in the press. This series will explore each amendment in as nonpolitical a way as possible, and we’ll begin with the First.

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LISTEN: Switching Careers as an Older Person

Here’s a tough topic: we’re all aware of the ageism in tech, but what if you are an older person who needs to change jobs and upgrade your career? Josh and I try to offer some thoughts for our guest.