"Be the Master" Workshops

Do you feel like your career is just a “rat race” that you’re tired of running? Do you wonder what “success” actually is, and when you’ll get there? Have you aligned your personal values to lead to success – whatever that is? Most importantly, do you feel confident that you can help other people along in their careers, as you’ve doubtless had other people help you along in yours?

This is what Don Jones’ “Be the Master” workshops are all about: Exiting the “rat race.” Defining success for yourself. Aligning your life, on a daily basis, to achieve that success. Gaining the confidence, time, and room to help other people do the same – because your life should truly be measured, first and foremost, by the lives you’ve helped.

This isn’t a lecture where someone preaches at you for a few hours. This is a true workshop, where you’ll work from a copy of “Be the Master” and its companion workbook, “The Grind.” You’ll leave with a clear, actionable, personalized path to your personal success. You’ll have a plan to execute against, week by week and month by month. You’ll know how to integrate the Rules of Life™ into your personal and professional interactions.

You’ll even learn how to make Mastery a real-live thing at work, if that’s where your audience is. You’ll learn how to make the business case, how to actually be a Master at work, and how to seamlessly integrate the kind of learning Mastery delivers into every work day. 

None of us are born knowing things like “what is success” and “how do I achieve it.” We have to learn it. And we have to learn how to turn around on the ladder of life and give someone behind us a hand up. That’s what “Be the Master” is all about.

Upcoming Workshops

As part of PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2020, Bellevue WA

Private Workshops

Get in touch if you’re interested in having a private workshop for your organization, team, user group, or other private event. Pricing is per-attendee.

Online Workshops

Attend an online workshop, usually scheduled as six one-hour sessions. You get plenty of one-on-one time, personal consultation, and a full set of digital workshop materials. Check back for our next scheduled event.

Buy a Prerecorded Workshop

Purchase a six-hour workshop recording in audio format. It’s not quite the same as “being there,” but it’ll help you get engaged with The Grind™, add more depth and nuance to what you’ve read in Be the Master, and illustrate how other people put the book into action.