Endless Sky: Truthsayer

Frank, are you sure this is what you want to do?

Frank Kozina’s life isn’t much. He has a boring government-issue job—a call center agent for a major bank, if you can believe it—and he spends most of his time just… passing time. Video games are a huge part of that, so when Mom sends him a Starter Pack for Endless Sky—the absolute hottest full-immersion sci-fi game on the planet—he figures, “why not?”

Frank doesn’t know that not everyone gets the extra “bonus” that his Starter Pack included.

Before long, he’s finished the tutorial, selected a cool character class, and found himself an in-game occupation. He’s leveling up, completing quests, and gaining the critical XP he needs to be a success in the game.

But then things kind of go awry. He runs across one of the game’s original programmers, and discovers that not everything in Endless Sky is as it seems to be. Frank also realized he’s got a special, unique power in the game—one that was intended to help save everyone in it.

Strap on your headset or climb in a pod and join Frank in Endless Sky™, the ultimate immersive science-fiction game in the universe!

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