Get five full novels and a collection of short stories...

Get five full novels and a collection of short stories...

Pubs & Pegasi
Tales from the Broken Claw

Tales from the Broken Claw • Book One • A Cozy Fantasy

Meet Samantha Godsdotter—Sam, to her friends—a mercenary recently retired from Sasha’s Vixens. Sam’s seen her last battle, and she’s ready for. . . something else. She’s not sure what, but on a trip around Lake Evendiam, she rides into a small, oddly fortified village named North Pointe Common Towne. The proprietor of its pub, the Broken Claw, gives her a warm, friendly greeting—and then starts to act just a little odd.

Turns out Sam may have found her stopping point, in a place where she’ll develop warm new friendships, be in a position to help travelers—whether they’re treasure-seekers, folks simply passing through, or heroes on a quest—find their destinies. For North Pointe Common Towne has a special, subtle magic that runs on the mottos, “Come in peace, stay in peace, leave in peace” and especially, “Serve all.”

Of course, she may have to help find a way to deal with the irritating, filthy, flying pests known as pegasi, and possibly help defend the village against a band of thugs and bandits looking for a new conquest. And maybe hunt an orc. But it’ll all be worth it for, if nothing else, the delectable pastries.

Pubs & Pegasi is an unpretentious novel of minor magic, general geniality, pernicious pests, and delightful destinies, served with ale in a fancy glass stein, hearty stew from the inn next door, and the aforementioned delectable pastries.

Enjoy these songs inspired by Pubs & Pegasi!

  • Call of the Broken Claw
  • The Problem with Pegasi
  • A Dance on the Shores of Evendiam
  • Dreams of Destiny
  • Dryads’ Journey
  • Shadow of the Mistrals
  • The Fisherman’s Tale
  • The Ogre’s Forge
  • The Orc Hunt
  • Tales of the Forbidden Continent

Pubs & Pegasi
Book 1

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