Technology Books

From 2001 to roughly 2016, almost all of my writing focused on information technology. My first book was about the Microsoft E-Commerce platform of the time, and my most recent tech books all focused on Microsoft Windows PowerShell. In between, I’ve written about a ton of different technologies. Most of what’s below is provided for historical reference, as tech books don’t have the longest shelf lives in the universe.

If you’re interested in Windows PowerShell, I’ve a specific page for my PowerShell books, and I suggest you start there.

  • Microsoft .NET E-Commerce Bible
  • E-Commerce for Dummies
  • Advanced VBScript for Windows Administrators
  • VBScript, WMI, and ADSI
  • Windows .NET Server 2003 Weekend Crash Course
  • Using Microsoft Commerce Server 2002
  • Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI
  • Windows Administrator’s Automation Toolkit
  • Microsoft WIndows Server 2003 Delta Guide
  • Application Center 2000
  • PHP-Nuke Garage
  • Special Edition Using .NET Enterprise Servers
  • Microsoft Windows .NET Server Security
  • Primalscript 2007: TFM

My more recent stuff can be found on my Leanpub page, as well as my Amazon author page.