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As I work on the 2019 Edition of Be the Master, I’ve decided to add a chapter on bringing Mastery, often in the form of mentoring, into the workplace. After all, our own colleagues are often the easiest and most obvious potential learners that we can serve, but there often are hurdles within our organizations. So …

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My new book, Be the Master: Second Edition is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, and  The Grind Workbook is also available in print! For full details, visit

Thought I’d share this quick excerpt from Be the Master’s in-progress audiobook. Spent about a day dialing in the audio to what I hope will meet’s specifications, but if not, there are other places I can publish it ;). Enjoy, and hope you’re having a great weekend! (BTW, comments are welcome about the audio technical quality …

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Take a look at your company’s employee handbook, expense policies, and other procedural documentation. Why does all that exist? Probably not just to make employees miserable, I imagine, or to complicate the workday. “To cover their ass,” you might think – which is an outcome, but not a reason. But understanding your company and your career, and navigating both, …

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Here’s a proposition for you to consider: 99% of all human social problems are the result of two or more groups of people holding different opinions, with each group lending no credence whatsoever to the others’. This happens almost constantly in life, and – unsurprisingly but almost always unrecognized – almost constantly in business.