A Primer for Americans on HSAs

As our government ratchets through the process of doing “something” about healthcare, one term you’re going to see tossed around a lot is “Health Savings Account.” These HSAs are not new, but seem potentially poised to make a major comeback. It’s worth understanding – from a non-political perspective – what these are, so that you can have an informed opinion to take to your Congresspeople. You may be in favor of these, or you may not – but you should have some facts.


A US Health Care System Primer for Non-US People

With the Affordable Healthcare Act (“Obamacare”) again featured in the news (this being a day ending in “y,” I think we’re required to have Obamacare in the news), a bunch of my foreign friends have been trying to figure out what the heck it all means. Here’s a primer, along with some comparative information for US folks. I’ll keep this as apolitical, and as base-factual, as possible.


At the Closing of the Year…

I think most of us can agree that 2016 has been a pretty shitty experience, no?


The Power of “Can’t”

I’m very fortunate in that, growing up, I had very few people ever tell me I “couldn’t” do something, and so by and large I didn’t ever tell myself that I “can’t” do something. There have been, however, two notable exceptions.


The “Don’s Vest” Charity Raffle

So… please read this knowing that tongue is planted firmly in cheek as I write this ;).


My Vegas Uber-Taxi Rant

Not long ago, Uber tried to launch in Las Vegas. We (I live here, so I count myself in the “we”) marshaled a nearly unparalleled, near-military effort to stop them. I was, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, initially very anti-Uber. Who the heck were they, to sail in with their billions in the bank, acting like an underdog and breaking our laws?

I’ve changed my mind, and I’ll tell you why.


What Your Career Could Learn from a Taxi Driver

I read this article about taxi drivers in Chicago over the weekend, and it really made me think. Here’s a guy (go, read the article first, or this won’t make sense) who’s done nothing his whole life but follow the rules – even though those rules don’t always make a lot of sense. He’s done well for himself and his family, but now, late in his life, it’s all starting to crumble.

Anyone could end up in this spot – you just have to learn to see how and why.