How to be a #DailyLearner

I hear (and see) lots of folks mention that they’re a “lifelong learner.” It’s a fantastic attitude, but… well, for me, it doesn’t always feel like enough. Here’s why.

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What @Facebook, @twitter, and the Like Could do to Make a Positive Impact

Scarcely a day goes by, it seems, when a social media company isn’t called out for doing something horrible. And it’s largely justified: the way most people use social media, and the way the platforms themselves are built, facilitates negativity. But there’s something they could all do to change that, and it’d be easy.

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An Amazing Job Interview

I’ve recently been interviewing people for a job on my team, and I have to tell you: the more interviews I do, the more I learn about what a great interview can look like.

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To the Class of 2019

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’19:

Wear sunscreen.

As your elders continue to fail you in taking even common-sense steps toward limiting pollution, preventing atmospheric breakdown, and mitigating the effects of over seven and a half billion people living on one planet, the scientific benefits of sunscreen are going to become more useful in protecting your skin at least into your thirties.

The rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience, but I will dispense this advice now.

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DIY Snacky Packs

TI’ve been trying to improve my tumultuous relationship with food, and that’s involved eating a little bit, more frequently, and cutting back on the amount of starches I eat. It’s been a huge help. One of the biggest helpers – because I’m all about “don’t have to think about it” – has been the Sargento Balanced Break packs. They’re pre-measured for me, are easy to carry, and come in convenient three-packs that cost a whopping $5. They also create a lot of plastic waste, which sucks.

Time for a fix.

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Are You a Single Nerd? Or Know One?

Do you self-identify as a “nerd?” Many of us in the IT industry do. Are you single? E.g., not in a long-term relationship at the moment? Or perhaps you know someone who fits that description – if so, please ask them to read this. Or if you were perhaps a recently single nerd, this’ll still feel familiar to you.

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AMA: What about the fear?

Stuart reader asks:

Cyber security, Artificial intelligence and hacking are all [trending] in the media recently.

Microsoft has prevented access to political groups sites, Banks are wanting to have a more streamlined user experience. And people are warning that AI will be more disruptive and could be the end for us all.

Should we all learn about the above to be part of the solution or should we not worry and carry on reading about the fear media outlets are feeding us?

I hope you’ll ask a question, too! And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

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