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As many of you know, Missy Januszko and I wrote The DSC Book some time ago. As we’ve moved on in our careers, we’ve not had the time to update the book – although we still feel it’s valuable and is worthy of being updated and expanded. So we’ve come up with a solution.

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A colleague was recently asked to speak at a conference panel, and one of the suggested talking points was, “How to evaluate new technologies for your business (e.g. set/lead or follow trends and standards?).” In almost any instance like that, given a choice between X and Y, I almost always try to go with “Purple.”

There’ve recently been a couple of lawsuits against Apple for the App Store policies, specifically their 30% cut of all sales (which lowers after one year for subscriptions). I’m curious as to your thoughts on the matter, but wanted to lay out some of my own first.

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Michael writes: Looking for some therapy and was hoping you could help. We are mainly an on-premise Microsoft shop and I have been tasked to use system center orchestrator to orchestrate some of our more tedious tasks. The therapy part comes in with are there any more communities that even use SCORCH and how or …

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