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JC writes: One item that hasn’t been quite clear to me: Why after all of the time spent focusing on mouse-based navigation and visual controls did Microsoft choose to go back to a text-based interface? Don’t get me wrong, I love PowerShell but I already loved scripting so for me it was just the new …

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Stephen asks: When I worked for a huge leading IT company, I was often tasked with writing “quick n dirty” scripts to collect data reports. These problem areas would be fixed with either new scripts or GPOs. Along side this, some of these reports lead into compliance reports for external auditing. Now I have a …

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Although I guess technically it’s Amazon vs HomeKit or something. Anyway, I’ve recently been “dual-homing” most of my condo’s smart devices so I could control them in either Alexa or Siri. If you’ve not taken the plunge on one or the other, I thought I’d share the main difference between them.