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Issue has become one of those annoying “soft” words that’s intended to take the sting – and all legitimate meaning – out of a conversation. It sounds mean to say, “we have a problem,” and so instead we say, “we have an issue.” But the word has a meaning already, and by misusing it, you’re neutering …

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Yaaaaaassss. New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath ‘\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\SSS_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9\’ -Edition ‘Datacenter’ -DeploymentType Host -TargetPath ‘c:\Nano\NanoHost.vhdx’ -MaxSize 8589934592 -InterfaceNameOrIndex ‘2’ -Ipv4Address ‘’ -Ipv4Dns ‘’ -Ipv4SubnetMask ‘’ -Ipv4Gateway ‘’ -SetupUI (‘NanoServer.Containers’, ‘NanoServer.Compute’, ‘NanoServer.OEM-Drivers’, ‘NanoServer.Guest’, ‘NanoServer.DSC’) -ComputerName ‘NANO’ -SetupCompleteCommand (‘tzutil.exe /s “Pacific Standard Time”‘) -LogPath ‘C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\NanoServerImageBuilder\Logs\2016-11-13 15-26

Here’s the article I’m commenting upon. While I’m a little bit of an Apple fanboy, I’m a critical thinker first and foremost, and I do hate it when people on the blogosphere – even writers I normally enjoy and respect – go off the deep end. Read the article first. Don’t disagree or agree with anything …

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Colleague Orin Thomas recently posted a Tweet about all the “Microsoft ❤️ Linux” fervor that’s been running around recently, noting that it’d be easy for a Windows admin to start wondering if they’d gotten on the wrong bus at some point. For me, it’s an interesting discussion.