Lessons Learned and Evolution in Writing

I’ve been writing, professionally, since about 2000, when I signed my first book contract for Microsoft .NET E-Commerce Bible. Since then I’ve written literally dozens of books, large and small, and I’ve recently moved into fiction. I feel like I’ve learned a lot along the way – mainly by muddling through – and I thought I’d share, for anyone who might be interested.

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A Prologue for a New Story

One of the ways I “save” story ideas for later is by writing a backgrounder that contains the core details I want to keep in mind. In this case, I literally had a dream of this story so vivid that an entire prologue essentially wrote itself. I’ve no idea if this story will go anywhere, or where it might go if it does, or when I might even figure all that out, but I thought I’d share it and see what you think. This is a kind of Biblical Genesis story for an entirely different World. I’d definitely appreciate any constructive comments you’d care to leave. As a note, this is in Markdown, so read italics as they’re intended ;). 

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Support a New Sci-Fi Author and get Two Novels for $5.

I love writing. It relaxes me, I can do it from anywhere, and it’s fun. Since 2001, I’ve written technology books – literally dozens of them – and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. But I’ve always wanted to branch out and tell stories.

Carpe diem, right? Why wait? I mean, worse case I suck at it, right?

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