Mastering Your Technology Career

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Level Up Your Career… and Your Life

Mastering Your Technology Career is designed to let you define what “success” means, and put you in the driver’s seat for a career that reaches that success. It’s designed to broaden your perspective, sharpen those “soft skills,” and make your career personally rewarding.

It’s Your Life.

Own It.

I believe in a world where technology professionals decide for themselves what “success” means, rather than just participating in an endless “rat race” of higher salaries and fancier titles.

I believe in a world where you can use your success not only to live the life you want, but where your success can also enable others’ journey to success.

I believe in a world where any of us can master the “soft skills” that help lead to success, while at the same time making ourselves happier, every day.

That’s what this book is all about.

It’s a Simple Message

Define Your Self

Your career should serve your values and your dreams. Start by defining who you are and holding that definition as your North Star.

Define Your Success

Is success a bigger paycheck? A better title? More time with your family? The opportunity to travel? You decide. Don’t just accept what others tell you. Bend your career to your will.

Lend Someone a Hand

You don’t always need to be climbing the ladder. Sometimes, you can reach down and lift someone else up with you. You are worthy.

Actually achieving your success, and managing and maintaining it over the long term, is straightforward, but not always self-evident. That’s why much of Mastering Your Technology Career focuses on the professionalism, the “soft skills,” and the business acumen that you’ll need to “make it” to wherever your career is taking you. And it’s not get-you-pumped-up motivational stuff, either: this book is written in plain language, and provides honest, actionable steps that anyone can take to level up their career.

Mastering Your Technology Career

What People Say

I’m not only more confident at work (I used to hate public speaking, and I don’t so much anymore), but I feel like I’ve got a handle on my career now. It’s exciting, and it’s making me and my family so much happier.

James Woodring

I conquered my Imposter Syndrome and stopped running the “rat race.” Now I feel like my career is serving me, and I’m confident and able to pay forward some of the help and mentoring I’ve been given over the years. Thank you.

Kyra Carson