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Svilen writes:

In the last month or so I have not seen any questions to you, so I’ve decided to drop you a line. 🙂 I like your idea of spreading knowledge to the people around you – I’m referring mostly to the colleagues, when I say people.

So here comes the question: have you ever been in a situation, where you wanted to share knowledge, but the people around you show no interest – either because of seniority or age difference, and they just do the things in ‘their way’?

What did/would you do?

Yeah, that’s a tough one.

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Almost all modern languages rely on word order to convey meaning. Were I to say, “the ball fell,” you’d know what I meant. I’m talking about a ball, and something it did, which was to fall. If I said, “the fell ball,” I’d be conveying an entirely different meaning, that of a ball which is vicious and cruel, turning “fell” from a verb into an adjective simply by placement. But this word order situation hasn’t always been the norm.

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