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Serious Question: What Would Stop You From…

…picking up a copy of The PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Book? Or from referring someone?


Microsoft’s Appliance Play

As you all know by now (I hope), Microsoft’s Azure Stack, the “run some of the Azure Portal on-prem and use it to manage in-cloud and on-prem resources” solution, is only available as, essentially, an appliance. You have to buy it from OEMs like Dell or HP, and it comes preinstalled on select hardware. It’s a sealed OS – you can’t install your own drivers, your own management agents, and so on. You can’t even really mess with it’s patch application schedule.

This is a new approach for Microsoft. It isn’t going to be the last time they do it.


Add Diversity to Your Career

Ever invest money? Like, even a 401(k) or something? What’s the first piece of advice you’re usually given by investment people?


The idea in finance is that, if one part of your portfolio sucks at the moment, you kind of want it balanced with something that doesn’t suck. So you invest a bit in domestic, a bit in international. A bit in stocks, a bit in bonds. That kind of thing.

Investing solely in one kind of thing creates what’s called a homogeneous portfolio, and it’s typically a bad idea. The same applies to your career.


IT Transformation: DevOps Camp-ish Writ Larger

Check out the “ITTRANSFORM”-tagged sessions at the IT Transformation conference website. This is an event that I’m helping to content-manage, in conjunction with the event’s organizer and Pluralsight. I’ve often been asked if my annual DevOps Camp will be a larger thing, and this is about as close as I think I’m able to come.


Political Primer: Executive Actions

The news is presently filled with POTUS’ Executive Stuff – and news outlets are using important terms incorrectly and interchangeably. Here’s the correct breakdown.


[POLITICS] Why Congress Should be POd.

Friday, POTUS announced that he’d be ordering the rollback of Dodd-Frank and other regulatory laws. Congress should be deeply pissed, and more than a little scared.