BOOK SALE (including hardcovers)

I need to clear out some space in my cabinets, and so I’m offering a blowout sale on many of my business, PowerShell, and fiction titles. All prices include US Domestic shipping; due to the paperwork involved, I’m not able to offer international shipping. Sorry, customs paperwork sucks. I’m happy to autograph ’em for you as well.

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LISTEN: Contemplating a Career Switch? Here’s What to Consider

Christopher and I speak with @MrThomasRayner about career switches. Not a wholesale switch to lumber or something, but rather a tweak: maybe becoming a software dev, or something like that. We discuss the things you’ve got to keep in mind, and the important fact that absolutely no tech careers are immune to “constant change and reskilling” these days. Submit YOUR topic ideas at; this November we’ll be switching the show format slightly to make it easier for YOUR topics to make it on the show.

Please stop asking for “advanced” learning content

I’ve been teaching technologists various topics since… oh, 1997 or so, when I taught my first Windows NT 4.0 MCSE courses. God, I’m old. Anyway… the very best way to frustrate an experienced tech teacher is to bemoan the world’s lack of “advanced” content. So please stop doing it, and here’s why:

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The Business: Marketing and Sales

I was recently confronted with some folks who were oddly conflating marketing and sales. This has happened to me before, but these folks managed to express themselves in a way that made it fundamentally clearer, to me, about where the confusion was. So I wanted to help them address the confusion, so they could make better business decisions.

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