Taking Responsibility as an Instructor

I’ve worked with a number of instructors over the years, and I’ve run into a lot of instructors who make some key mistakes, whether they’re designing a course, or delivering one. I think there’s a key to understanding why certain instructional techniques are useful. I think it’s important to understand the concept of scope, when it comes to instruction. And unfortunately, I think a lot of instructors – often through nothing more than genuine enthusiasm for the topic – miss those important bits. Read More

FREE: The Nine Principles of IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE Instruction

Nine Principles of Immediately Effective Instruction

This is a book I wrote several months ago, and self-published over at Lulu.com. It’s essentially my instructional design methodology; we needed to codify it in some fashion to help support several course and class design projects, and the book seemed like a natural way to do so.

Enough kind folks picked up the print or ebook edition that I was able to get some return off of the time needed to write the book. Now that that’s happened, I’d like to offer you a copy of the book at no charge.

Nine Principles of Immediately Effective Instruction – PDF

Nine Principles of Immediately Effective Instruction – EPUB

Note that these are revised somewhat, to correct errors found by early readers. The entire design approach was the result of more than three years of trial, study, surveys, and feedback from thousands of students in dozens of classes. It’s pretty solid stuff; we’ve been successful with it in a number of projects. I’m not saying it’s easy – designing anything around these principles requires a ton of work. But it has helped ConTech make some incredibly well-received courses. This is also the methodology that my In a Month of Lunches series is built around.

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