I don’t know about you, but the management acronym thing has caught me a couple of times, so I thought it might be worth an article giving some context around these things.

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Can we Take a Moment and Reflect on Microsoft?

With this week’s announcement of Windows Server Nano, the implicit accompanying announcement of .NET Core CLR (the stripped-down version of the .NET runtime that comes with Nano), the announcement of both Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers, and the accompanying announcement that said containers will be manageable by Docker…

Can we take a moment and reflect on this company called Microsoft?

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What “Nano Server” Means to You

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Windows Server v.Next will include a “Nano Server” installation option. Nano is described as an incredibly small refactoring of Windows Server – think “Server Core Core” – that has a base OS image size measured in megabytes, and is about 8% the size of a “full” Server install.

So what’s this mean to you?

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