Microsoft Ignite’s Sessions Should Be… Interesting.

Just got the Call for Speakers for Ignite. It’s a… different… process this year. In the past, speakers would propose entire sessions to TechEd, including descriptions, audience profile, etc.

Not anymore.

Now, you’re allowed to propose yourself for up to three “topics.” Windows PowerShell isn’t on the list, but there’s an “Other” checkbox so you can do a write-in. “IT Pro” and “Admin” are no longer audience descriptors; now we’re “IT Influencers and Implementers.” And there’s no place for you to actually propose a session – presumably, you’ll be contacted with “suggestions” on what you should present. It says they’r “work with the speakers and content managers to create the best session possible,” so that’s hopeful.

Weird, though. I guess I understand Microsoft’s desire to more closely manage the content being presented, as opposed to just taking whatever speakers suggest, but it seems like it’ll be pretty easy for the Ivory Tower effect to kick in, resulting in the event only having sessions that Microsoft thinks are important. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

I’m going anyway; I’ll see you in the expo hall if nothing else.

My TechEd N.A. 2014 Schedule

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones at TechEd… but because my schedule has me running around a good bit, I thought I’d mention a few places where I KNOW I’ll be… hopefully folks can find me at one of these, and say hi!

MONDAY: I’ll be co-presenting with Jeffrey Snover in his “PowerShell Unplugged” session. That’s at 1:15pm.

TUESDAY: At 3:15pm, I have a “DSC Overview” session, followed by a book signing at the TechEd Bookstore at 4:30. Then I’ll be at the “Ask the Experts” event Tuesday evening, probably hanging with other PowerShell People.

WEDNESDAY: I’ll be back at the TechEd BookStore at 12:30pm for about half an hour. At 3:15pm, I have a “PowerShell Best Practices and Patterns” session. I’ve got a meet-n-greet at the TechNet Script Center pod, too – check there for the specific time.