My Vegas Uber-Taxi Rant

Not long ago, Uber tried to launch in Las Vegas. We (I live here, so I count myself in the “we”) marshaled a nearly unparalleled, near-military effort to stop them. I was, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, initially very anti-Uber. Who the heck were they, to sail in with their billions in the bank, acting like an underdog and breaking our laws?

I’ve changed my mind, and I’ll tell you why.

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What Your Career Could Learn from a Taxi Driver

I read this article about taxi drivers in Chicago over the weekend, and it really made me think. Here’s a guy (go, read the article first, or this won’t make sense) who’s done nothing his whole life but follow the rules – even though those rules don’t always make a lot of sense. He’s done well for himself and his family, but now, late in his life, it’s all starting to crumble.

Anyone could end up in this spot – you just have to learn to see how and why.

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