Get five full novels and a collection of short stories...

Get five full novels and a collection of short stories...

Professional Services

While I’m formally retired from the tech industry, I do retain an incredible enthusiasm for the career that gave me so much reward, so many awesome colleagues, and so much more. With that in mind, I’m available for a number of different types of engagement.

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  • Conference speaking. I’ll be honest and say that I’m pretty much useless on hard technical skills—I’ve just been out of it for too long. But if you need someone to talk about career management, leadership, and so forth, I might be a good fit. I’ll note that I’m on a limited budget these days, so I’d need help with travel expenses.
  • User group / community presentations. Happy to do these remotely. Again, not so current on the tech, but very current on business acumen, leadership, career management, and the like. Note that I’m on US Mountain time, so hopefully we can find a time that fits. I’m terrible at 3am, trust me.
  • Board work. I’ve helped five companies from ~100 employees all the way to a successful exit, and if you’re a seed-stage or Series A-stage startup, or even into Series B or C, I can probably help. I’ve specialized in product-market fit, selling to the F100, operationalizing, and a lot more. I’m primarily open to fee-based work, although for the right pitch I’ll consider equity in lieu.
  • Classroom talks on writing. Happy to do these remotely. As a published author of both technical works (60+ books) and fiction (closing on two dozen novels), I love speaking to the Young Folk™ about writing. Everything from ideation to outlining to working with editors, and even through to self-publishing or (the horror!) finding an agent and/or publisher.
  • Individual mentoring. I have had a lot of people offer me advice and opportunity over the decades, and I’d like to give back. I’m particularly keen to help fellow members of the LGBTQI+ community find their way in the world of work. I do charge for mentoring time, but I’d prefer to negotiate directly depending on what you need and what you’re able to afford. As a baseline, hour-long mentoring sessions for an employed, intermediate-level individual contribute runs about $125, which is about middle-of-the-road in terms of pricing.

Above all, I love discussion and Q&A-based sessions more than anything. It’s very rare I’ll stir myself to make a slide deck—I’d much rather engage directly and let the people who are investing their time in me drive the direction.