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In the past few months, I’ve engaged in a number of discussions on trust. Specifically, in relation to software found on the internet, and most specifically with regard to software in public repositories like, a NuGet repo, an NPM repo, and so on. I’ll lay out some of what people have told me, offer some observations, and then – most important – ask you what you think.

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October 26, 2017

Truthfully, I do not understand why anyone is content to clap from the nosebleed section instead of standing on the stage.

I’ve recently been doing some work with a financial planner, and it’s astonishing how that field – which you’d think would be very numbers-based – is instead driven by a great deal of fear. It occurred to me how playing off of your emotions is such a powerful way to influence someone, and how poorly prepared most of us are. Politicians, employers, and yes, financial planners, do this to us all the time. Facts are your best defense against this fear-based approach, but apparently very few of us are interested in acquiring facts on our own. We instead rely on the “facts” presented by someone with clear ulterior motives, and we never question those facts.

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