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Pubs & Pegasi
Tales from the Broken Claw

Tales from the Broken Claw • Book One • A Cozy Fantasy

Meet Samantha Godsdotter—Sam, to her friends—a mercenary recently retired from Sasha’s Vixens. Sam’s seen her last battle, and she’s ready for. . . something else. She’s not sure what, but on a trip around Lake Evendiam, she rides into a small, oddly fortified village named North Pointe Common Towne. The proprietor of its pub, the Broken Claw, gives her a warm, friendly greeting—and then starts to act just a little odd.

Turns out Sam may have found her stopping point, in a place where she’ll develop warm new friendships, be in a position to help travelers—whether they’re treasure-seekers, folks simply passing through, or heroes on a quest—find their destinies. For North Pointe Common Towne has a special, subtle magic that runs on the mottos, “Come in peace, stay in peace, leave in peace” and especially, “Serve all.”

Of course, she may have to help find a way to deal with the irritating, filthy, flying pests known as pegasi, and possibly help defend the village against a band of thugs and bandits looking for a new conquest. And maybe hunt an orc. But it’ll all be worth it for, if nothing else, the delectable pastries.

Pubs & Pegasi is an unpretentious novel of minor magic, general geniality, pernicious pests, and delightful destinies, served with ale in a fancy glass stein, hearty stew from the inn next door, and the aforementioned delectable pastries.

Enjoy these songs inspired by Pubs & Pegasi!

  • Call of the Broken Claw
  • The Problem with Pegasi
  • A Dance on the Shores of Evendiam
  • Dreams of Destiny
  • Dryads’ Journey
  • Shadow of the Mistrals
  • The Fisherman’s Tale
  • The Ogre’s Forge
  • The Orc Hunt
  • Tales of the Forbidden Continent

Enter Underhill with Clara Thorn
Clara Thorn, the witch that was found
Book 1
Clara Thorn, the witch that was found

WINNER American Fiction Awards “Best Young Adult” 2023
FINALIST American Fiction Awards “Best Fantasy” 2023
FINALIST American Legacy Book Awards “Best Fantasy” 2023
FINALIST American Legacy Book Awards “Best Young Adult” 2024

Poor Clara.

On the one hand, things are going well: she’s aced her Math final, and school’s almost out for the year. Dad’s hanging in there with contract jobs, Mom’s helping make ends meet by cleaning other people’s homes, and they’ve at least got a roof over their heads. Vegas isn’t the nicest place in the summer, but it’s no worse than the half-dozen other places she’s lived in her short life.

But on the other hand, she has no friends. Everyone at school is either diffident or a bully—as if they can sense that Clara doesn’t quite fit in. And then there’s the triplets, who mysteriously vanish in the Art Alley near the school.

That’s when things get interesting. Clara follows them through a Border to Underhill, and before long she’s thrown into a world she never knew existed. A world of magic, witches, excitement, and danger. She not only has to fit in with her new classmates—and avoid the ire of the “in” clique that every school seems to have—she’s apparently the only one who can save all of Underhill from an exile who wants to trap them all and cut off the source of magic!

Also, she’s pretty sure her parents knew about this all along.

"Adult and teenage fans of thoughtful fantasy will love exploring this beautifully described world of arcane powers. This meditative look at power will engage readers who like their fantasy with a side of philosophy. Great for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea, Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book."
~ BookLife
Daniel Scratch
Sure to appeal to readers of "Ready Player One" and other "GameLit" novels that place the characters in a fully-immersive game. Jones' take on the genre is unique, compelling, and comes complete with a surprise twist!
“Clara shines as a spunky protagonist who is grown-up enough to accept her destiny…. Jones links math and magic in a way that makes math seem cool…. Fresh ideas, some welcome diversity, and memorable character work enliven the material.”
~ BookLife
"This thoughtful reinterpretation of Peter Pan through myth and folklore will appeal to fans of darker adult takes on children’s literature."
~ BookLife
The Never

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Daniel Scratch
Book 1
Book 1
Book 1
Book 1

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Clara Thorn, the witch that won

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