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This is an excerpt from my new book, Be the Masteravailable now at Leanpub.

There’s a perception that you’re not “good enough” to teach until you know everything. Indeed, as I’ll point out later, adult education often starts with the premise that instructors must establish their superior knowledge in order to maintain authority over the class. As in Timothy’s story, however, a moment’s thought will show this theory to be false. Nobody knows everything, ergo, you know something that someone else doesn’t. It’s just a matter of finding them, and teaching them; you don’t need to be an “expert” in order to share knowledge.

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This is an excerpt from my new book, Be the Master, available now at Leanpub. It’s the base for much of the book’s discussion, and so I thought I’d share it here. 

There’s a story from the 1700s about a blacksmith named Timothy, from a small village not too far from Lancastershire in England. Timothy had joined the smithy when he was twelve, and barely big enough to pick up one of the heavy hammers his Master (who is not named in the story) beat metal with. His first tasks were largely custodial – sweeping out the shop, keeping the forge hot, and so on. Eventually, he was given small errands to run around the village, such as delivering finished goods to customers. By age seventeen, he’d grown enough to swing the hammers himself, and he helped his Master with basic pieces. By twenty, he was working on his own for many basic projects – horseshoes were in particular demand, and this smithy was known for the unique, hoof-saving designs that Timothy’s Master had taught him.

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In December 2016, I made a resolution to blog more. Blogging – well, writing in general – is a great outlet for me. My thoughts become more organized when I put fingers to keyboard, and it feels great to get some of my experiences down in a way that can help someone else maybe change their perspective on things just a bit, or expand their horizons.

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It’s been fun to watch Microsoft pitch cloud, cloud, cloud, Azure, cloud, fluffy cloud, with relatively little attention devoted to Windows Server these days. In fact, I’m told it almost caused a semi-rebellion in the Windows Server team, who was all like, “um, we bring in eleventy billion bucks a year, love us please?” But let’s imagine why that might be.

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The word “bated” is unusual these days, so it’s understandable why people – and their AutoCorrect – explain that they’re waiting with “baited” breath. But please don’t. “Bated” is short for “abated,” meaning “reduced;” I’m waiting with bated breath is similar to I’m holding my breath, I’m so excited. Waiting with “baited” breath… I shudder to imagine what you mean, there.


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