Enter Underhill
with Clara Thorn

Wizard’s Rules Football, Fizzycider, magic you can see… and a terrible force that threatens it all.

It’s finally the end of the school year, but just as Clara is wrapping up the last of her final exams, she’s confronted with something she never imagined: a strange Border into a fairyland called Underhill. Magic is real, and Clara can wield it. But on top of trying to make new friends, avoiding the “in” crowd, and settling into a new world, Clara must also combat a long-exiled evil that’s planning to cut off Underhill and trap every witch he can.

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About the author

Don’s been writing since the early 2000s, although his first fifty or so works were all on technology. In 2018 he began writing fiction, including the acclaimed stories of witchkind series, the Endless Sky series of sci-fi LitRPG stories, and more. Join me on Mastodon!

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“…Jones has created something new, compelling, beautifully written, and somewhat reminiscent of Ursula Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea (1968)…An engrossing, well-written, and original story; readers will be eager for the next installment.”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review for Daniel Scratch)

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