The Process of Writing a Traditionally Published Tech Book

On the heels of yesterday’s lament about why writing tech books is so hard, I thought I’d lay out the typical process that an author has to go through to get a book published. Now mind, this is kind of an “archetype” process; I’ve worked with a half-dozen publishers in my career, and they all have slight variations on this.

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"Leading to Learning," Part 4: Advice for Leaders

Catch up with Part 3 (which has back-links to previous installments) if you’re not up to speed.

In the previous installment, I shared some of the common characteristics I’ve seen at companies who are really excellent at making learning one of their ordinary, day-to-day production outcomes. In this article, I want to share some specific “lessons learned” for leaders.

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Why Writing a Tech Book is so Hard

I’ve written a couple of dozen traditionally published IT books. I’m super-proud of like four of them. If you’re considering setting out to write a traditionally published book, know that it’s hard. Here’s why.

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Listen: Enterprise Architecture

Our first episode looks at Enterprise Architecture: what is it? Who is it for? How do you get into it?

(Acknowledging that the audio needs work – this is totally listen-able, but there’s a bit of a learning curve on these multi-person interviews!)


Be a Part of PowerShell History (Please!)

I’ve decided to embark on what will doubtless be a months-long project: a book that covers the history of PowerShell, from its earliest inception to the shell we all know and use today. But I want to do more than just document the dry facts: I want to capture the impact.

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"Leading to Learning," Part 1: Here's Where We Are

I’ve been in a lot of recent discussions with people who work in tech within medium- and large-sized business. There’s been a common – by no means ubiquitous, but certainly common – thread that I want to spend some time pulling.

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How do I Get My Team Inspired to Learn?

From Twitter:

I’m a tier 3 Systems Engineer in a room of my teammates, tier 1 & 2. Informal discussion, tech meeting. I ask them what they want to learn or teach the team, and no one has response. What are we missing? What can I and other tier 3s do to inspire the others?

There’s a lot to unpack there, actually. Let’s begin.

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