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Master of the Tower
a story of witchkind

Three years ago, Daniel Scratch ascended to become Adherent of the Sixth Axis, the primary, magical forces of Endings in the world. Since then, he’s tried to use that power for the betterment of all witchkind—despite the “don’t bother” attitude of the senior adherents of the other four Axes. The other junior adherents, on the other hand, are much more willing to help the rest of witchkind—especially when it comes to curtailing the humans’ use of magic-draining iron.

But a critical misstep tears the Veil, the subtle, delicate magic that conceals witchkind’s true nature from the humans. Human priests begin calling for a resumption of the Hunts, and the death of all witchkind.

To heal the Veil, Daniel must confront his own vulnerabilities, the millennia-old history of his predecessors, and the very nature and reason for his own birth.

Enter Underhill with Clara Thorn
Clara Thorn, the witch that was found

Poor Clara.

On the one hand, things are going well: she’s aced her Math final, and school’s almost out for the year. Dad’s hanging in there with contract jobs, Mom’s helping make ends meet by cleaning other people’s homes, and they’ve at least got a roof over their heads. Vegas isn’t the nicest place in the summer, but it’s no worse than the half-dozen other places she’s lived in her short life.

But on the other hand, she has no friends. Everyone at school is either diffident or a bully—as if they can sense that Clara doesn’t quite fit in. And then there’s the triplets, who mysteriously vanish in the Art Alley near the school.

That’s when things get interesting. Clara follows them through a Border to Underhill, and before long she’s thrown into a world she never knew existed. A world of magic, witches, excitement, and danger. She not only has to fit in with her new classmates—and avoid the ire of the “in” clique that every school seems to have—she’s apparently the only one who can save all of Underhill from an exile who wants to trap them all and cut off the source of magic!

Also, she’s pretty sure her parents knew about this all along.

"Adult and teenage fans of thoughtful fantasy will love exploring this beautifully described world of arcane powers. This meditative look at power will engage readers who like their fantasy with a side of philosophy. Great for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea, Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book."
~ BookLife
Daniel Scratch
“Clara shines as a spunky protagonist who is grown-up enough to accept her destiny…. Jones links math and magic in a way that makes math seem cool…. Fresh ideas, some welcome diversity, and memorable character work enliven the material.”
~ BookLife
Clara Thorn
"This thoughtful reinterpretation of Peter Pan through myth and folklore will appeal to fans of darker adult takes on children’s literature."
~ BookLife
The Never

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