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Classmates: Stories from Clara Thorn

This is a collection of short stories from the Clara Thorn universe. Most of the stories take place after Clara Thorn, the witch that was found, and before Clara Thorn, the witch that fought. Each story spends some quality time with one of Clara’s classmates from Linginbaum’s School for Magic

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short stories of witchkind

If you’re intrigued by my stories of witchkind series, here’s a set of short stories set in that world. These explore some of the nooks and crannies that are hinted at in Daniel Scratch and its sequels. Grab the collection for free from my digital booksellers, including Amazon.

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Free duology: The Prime Wave Accounting

I love the superhero novel genre, especially when there’s a really neath hook on how heroes (and villains) got their powers. With these books, I also wanted to flip the script a bit and have well-funded, industrial-grade villains, but government-under-funded heroes. This is some of my earlier writing, so the

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Free trilogy: The Achillios Chronicles

This was the first trilogy I wrote. While the books have been through a pretty thorough reader-assisted copyedit, do bear in mind that this is early writing <grin>. But I still love this story, its premise, and where it wound up taking me. Enjoy all three books: Alabaster, Onyx, and

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Hall of Knowledge: A Short Story

There was a heavy pounding at the Hall’s front—well, only—door. “Humph,” Izi grumbled. “That almost never happens.” “Someone at the door,” Siti called from where she was busy cleaning up after their breakfast.  “Yes, yes,” Izi said, glancing around the Hall’s single ground-level room. It was clean enough, with their

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Action Heroes: A Flash Fiction Tale

Do you remember those “knockoff” DVDs, usually sold near the checkout stand in grocery stores and Walmart? They’d always fast-follow a Disney release—Disney would put out “The Lion King” and then you’d see “The King of Lions,” priced at $5.99 with crappy animation. They were designed to lure in unknowing

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The Promise of Khorindel: A Short Story

In an age long past, where myths were spun and stories told,  King Stormway stood firm, his heart and spirit bold.  With his noble kin, against the Ossiri he did stand,  A brutal clash of might, over every grain of sand.  The Ossiri came with fire, with fury and with

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The Electric Circus: A Novelette

Prologue: The Heartbeat of the Circus Before the dawn of the first light, before the first tent was pitched, and before the first spark of magic mingled with the cogs of machinery, there was the Electric Circus. Not as the world knew it, with its spectacle of performances, but as

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