Want to Bring Me in for a PowerShell Class?

I’ve had a few folks, over the years, bemoan the fact that I’m not holding a class in their area. Fact is, public classes involve a lot of financial risk, and I’m simply not a skilled marketer. That makes it really hard for me to run public classes anywhere – let alone in some of the more far-flung locations I’ve been asked to visit.

But I’d still love to do classes – and I think I might have an idea for making everyone happy.

First, figure out a venue near you, or near a large population enter near you. “Venue” can simply be a hotel meeting space that holds 15-20 people. We can do a “bring your own laptop” class, and don’t need to rent a classroom that has computers.

Second, get in touch with me. We’ll work out dates, estimate travel expenses, and come up with a rate for you. Know that I tend to book 6-8 months out, so you do need to be planning ahead. I am not available “in a couple of weeks.” I never am. Plan for a 5-day class – I can provide you with a detailed outline.

Third, now that you have a place in mind and a total class cost, start an IndieGoGo campaign. I’ll run classes of up to 20 students (we can do more, if we discuss it in advance). I’ll help you figure out a minimum contribution, and we can set up tiers with some nice spiffs (pay a bit extra, get a full set of signed books in addition to class, that kind of thing). BTW, for US domestic classes, I find that 7 students at $2500/ea is about break-even; internationally, it’s closer to 12 people at that rate depending on the country. We can work out a reasonable rate, too – in some countries, training centers charge the equivalent of $5,000/student for my week-long class, because that works out to a customary fee in that country. Point being, it’s a “do-able” number of people in most cases.

Then you and I market the class together. The nice thing is, if the class fills to a minimum level, we run it. If it doesn’t, everyone gets their money back, and we don’t run it. No financial risk for anyone. You’ll have to work hard on getting folks to sign up for the class (I can provide some ideas), and together we’ll try to make it happen.

So if you’d like to have me out for the best damn PowerShell class of your life, get in touch. Let’s try and make it happen.