The One PowerShell Book I Hope You’ll Buy

I hope you’ll consider buying PowerShell Deep Dives. Here’s why:

First, it’s got almost 30 chapters written by community enthusiasts and MVPs. This is content you won’t find elsewhere, and it’s super-interesting stuff. You can really ratchet your PowerShell skills up several notches.

Second, you get a free book when you buy the print book.

Third, and most importantly, everyone who contributed has agreed to forgo royalties, instead donating all the royalties to SAVE THE CHILDREN. So by buying this book, you’re literally helping to make kid’s lives a little better. A lot of work went into this book by a lot of people, and we’re all really appreciative of the support!

Fourth, IT’S A FREAKING AWESOME BOOK. And you can make a hobby out of collecting autographs from each author.

Fifth, that’s all. Go get it!

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