My New “IT Ops News and Talk” Show @Pluralsight!

The Marketing folks at Pluralsight have kindly indulged my desire to be famous and popular occasionally go off on a rant, and have given me a new monthly one-hour webcast! You can sign up right now, and signing up once gets you into the whole series. It’s free.

Each month, I’ll hit some of the funner highlights in IT Ops news, run down a couple of notable new Pluralsight courses, and – most importantly – have one or two guests. We’ll chat about a specific topic (the September show will be the importance of security fundamentals, and the future of Exchange Server), and if you join us for the live event, we’ll take your questions. If you sign up and can’t make the live event, we’ll have a recording for you.

Oh, and after I finish chatting with my guests, I’ll try and have an informative and quip-filled rant for you.

The overall idea is to help you “keep up.” I know how tough it is to get your head off the grindstone for a minute and see what’s happening in the industry, and even tougher to figure out where you should be spending your extremely limited amount of time, so my real goal each month is to help with that. This isn’t going to be “news and analysis,” as I think there’s probably enough of that (you can let me know if I’m wrong), but more along the lines of, “here’s what’s new, and what you need to know about it, and where you should maybe spend a few hours researching when you get the time.” I’m going to try and gauge where the industry’s pointed over the medium-term, so you can get yourself situated appropriately.

These will happen at noon Pacific on the last Tuesday of each month. I hope you’ll join in, because taking your questions is what will make this the most fun!

4 thoughts on “My New “IT Ops News and Talk” Show @Pluralsight!

  1. jimtopp

    I signed up, but I couldn’t listen for the whole hour. Where is the recording?

  2. Terry Towelling

    Fantastic idea. I’ll defiantly be tuning in. Will this be available as a audio file? I have a long drive to work and believe this time can be used to keep up to date on what is going on in IT Ops.

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