A Public Service Announcement: You Might Die, or Get Hurt. Do This First.

I’m a planner. On my first trip to Walt Disney World, I probably spent eight months planning the trip, poring over guidebooks and making meticulous notes. I had plans, backup plans, and mitigations. This tendency has made me very careful in managing my adult life, and I thought I’d offer some tips, or at least things to think about. My impression is that very few of us are aware of how Bad It Could Be, so maybe this’ll help.

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Semi-Political: Peeing is Important

Americans worry a lot about where they pee, and who might be peeing with them. This has most recently been in the news regarding transgendered individuals, including the law recently passed in North Carolina. Presidential candidates have weighed in, and even our court system has gotten involved. I’m not advocating for one side of the argument or the other, but I do think that, in this politically charged year, it’s important for citizens to understand how both politicians and the news media play on our taboos and discomfort zones to manipulate us.

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Help a Kid Get Started in IT

Today, The DevOps Collective (where I’m President and CEO) announced a new “GetGoing” education program designed for recent high school graduates or young career switchers.

The basic education program is available to anyone, and Pluralsight has provided a concrete implementation of the plan that would cost a self-studier under $400 for just the education (online labs, certification exams, and other components have their own costs). The DevOps Collective is offering two free-ride scholarships, worth $11,000 apiece, that include the full education program, online lab time, a DIY PC kit, paid certification exams, paid practice exams, and live mentoring from an IT professional.

All told, this program meets the basic criteria collected from hundreds of IT hiring managers who were asked what they wanted an entry-level IT Ops technician to know. That means, for someone completing this program, they have a strong shot at an entry-level IT position, perhaps as an MSP desktop technician, a help desk tech, and so on. Given the low cost of the program, and it’s under-1-year completion time, this offers a strong and credible alternative to what’s traditionally been available.

I hope you’ll help me publicize this program by taking it to your local PTA, to your school, to your friends’ grad-age kids, and more. Scholarship applications are being accepted right now.

Registration Open: DevOps Camp 2016

In 2015, I premiered a very small, very exclusive event called DSC Camp. It was a huge hit for the ~20 people who were able to get in, and for 2016 we’re expanding the scope a tiny bit. After all, DSC is just a tool – DevOps is the real goal, and so it’s now DevOps Camp. Here’s the brochure:


If you’re just getting started with DSC and DevOps, this is probably not the event for you. This is designed as a 400-level event, and we’ll be hacking the crap out of the DSC technology stack to help achieve business goals that it isn’t currently designed to meet. We’ll be talking planning and infrastructure. Coding. Practices. And we’ll be sharing experiences, challenging assumptions, and inventing new best practices.

This isn’t a traditional class, either. Friday afternoon will have us retire to my house, just off Las Vegas Blvd, for a day of BBQ food, pool, and drinks. Last year, some of the most amazing DSC conversations happened right there, given the high level of expertise in both our guest presenters and the attendees. Saturday, we’ll have a full day of classroom time, but we’ll relieve that with an all-new restaurant/bar crawl of the locals-only Fremont East District, concluding at the fabulous LINQ district on the Strip.

It’s pretty amazing. Feel free to drop questions in the comments!