DevOps (and DSC) Camp 2016 Agenda

We’ve finalized the high-level agenda for Camp!


Obviously, not all of the exact presentation topics have been nailed down, in part because Camp is such a fluid, discussion-based, of-the-moment kind of event. We’ll have a rough draft of our schedule a month or so before Camp itself – so late June to mid-July.

We still have a few seats left (remember, only 20 campers are admitted, so we can keep our intimate, discussion-based focus). If you’re thinking of attending, check out the brochure, and then get over and register.

Dual eBook Publishing: @GitBookIo and @LeanPub

Over at The DevOps Collective and, we’ve been keeping our free ebooks in PenFlip. Thing is, PenFlip sucks. Great idea, but deeply broken, and the author appears to have vanished. Meh, it was free. But moving there was, on paper, the right idea: it’s a Git-based repository where you write in Markdown, and it publishes to a variety of friendly formats on-demand. But… broken.

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