Ever wish your coworkers (or boss) were a bit more… skilled?

Mad technology skills aren’t the only thing you need to be successful in a career. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical “IT person” who can’t interact well with colleagues, the pointy-haired boss, and so on.

I want to help fix it, and with the Power of Pluralsight, I can. The problem is, it’s really hard to discover what non-technical skills someone actually needs. Like, “the ability to run more efficient meetings?” Seems like it’d be nice to have, but it’s not like there’s a document anywhere explaining that as a needed skill.

So we’ve got a survey running. Take it here – it’s free-text responses, so it’s going to require some thinking on your part, but we need to gather this information. And then ask your boss to take it. And your coworkers. And your user group members. Tweet it. Facebook it. LinkedIn it. Please, do this – we need a solid, statistically meaningful body of evidence so I can start designing a curriculum to actually solve the problem.

And imagine what we can do for those malleable young people just entering the field! We can get them started on the right foot, and give them a better chance at Owning the World one day.

So please – set aside some time to help out with this. I truly appreciate it.