Going to Ignite? Come say hi! Here’s where I’ll be…

On Sunday prior to Ignite kicking off, I’ll be at The Krewe’s evening event. Please say “hi” if you see me!

On Monday Evening, I’m joining Jason Helmick and Jeff Hicks at a special Atlanta PowerShell User Group Meetup (free, registration required), and I hope you’ll visit if you’re in town. We’ll be heading out for drinks after the meetup. Registration (free) required.

On Tuesday Evening, I’ll be helping run the PowerShell Community Happy Hour (registration required; will open Sept 1 and I’ll link the URL here).

On Wednesday Morning, it appears I’ll be presenting “PowerShell Unplugged” with Jeffrey Snover. Cool! Come see us!

At some point, I’ll be over at the booth of Conversational Geek signing (free!) books. They should have “Conversational DevOps” and “Conversational PowerShell;” check with them directly at their booth for times.

And for the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll mainly be at the Pluralsight booth, speaking with customers and authors. Again – come say hello!

(I won’t be in the expo on Monday, and I’ll be leaving town Thursday on vacation, so please, please, catch me on one of the times above – I’d love to shake hands and hear how you’ve been doing!)