Wanna come (DevOps/DSC) Camping with me?

Public registration is now open for my 3rd annual “DevOps/DSC Camp” near and at my home in Las Vegas!

Camp isn’t a conference. No, it isn’t recorded or streamed. Don’t ask. Camp is a working group of experts who are dealing with DSC, and DevOps generally, in their daily lives. We teach each other how to do things like build CI pipelines, introduce DevOps into an organization, solve DSC challenges, and a lot more. It’s a tiny group – just 20 folks – and that’s what keeps it close-knit.

We begin on Thursday evening (July 27) with an evening cocktail hour, and we head off to some cool local restaurants for dinner. We get started in earnest on Friday morning with presentations and round-table discussions. Friday afternoon, we head to my house for customized personal pizzas for lunch, an afternoon in the pool, and a huge smoked BBQ dinner. All day, we’re talking shop – moving between small groups talking about getting stuff done. Truly, this is an event where everyone confirms that they’re going directly home and using what they’ve learned to effect change in their organizations. This’ll be the first year “open source PowerShell” is on the table – can’t wait for those discussions!

Saturday, we hunker down all day and learn. Most alumni will have an opportunity to present a topic, and we keep it very interactive. After swimming around all day Friday, your introverted shyness will be gone, so you’ll be ready to engage. Saturday evening we hit the town for some fun and food.

Sunday, we wrap up in the morning. In the past, Sunday afternoon has been headed up by DSC product team members from Microsoft; we can’t promise that’ll continue, but it’s a possibility. They buy lunch ;).

This is an intense and mentally engaging weekend. As I’ve mentioned, it’s a close-knit group – and we’re already close to half-full as I publish this article. If you’d like to jump in, don’t delay. I hope to see you.

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