DevOps Camp Preview: Machine Learning

DevOps/DSC Camp isn’t a conference – it’s a “working group” of enthusiastic professionals who share their experiences, practices, challenges, and triumphs. Only 20 people are admitted and we have a high alumni rate – and alumni are asked to prepare a presentation. No, we don’t record or stream – you need to be here live! Register at Here’s one alumni session currently proposed:

Machine Learning with PowerShell

Bryce McDonald

This will begin with a brief talk about the concepts of machine learning, what it is, what it’s used for, and common methods for doing machine learning today.  I’ll also talk a little bit on the pros and cons of using Azure’s machine learning resources.

Next, we’ll discuss the code behind machine learning and how it works (this may or may not involve a short lesson on matrix multiplication as well) and discuss “next steps” for the code of my PowerShell machine learning module.

Don’s note: One of the cool things about Camp is the kinda random directions we’ll run in. Bryce’s proposal here might not look like DevOps or DSC, but it’s an important area of technology. It’s fine for us to focus on topics that help round out our careers – and indeed, “career” is the main point of Camp in the first place.