Your Disneyland Holiday

Let’s take a break from all things tech, career, and life-related, and check out these fantastic scans from a Summer 1957 “Disneyland Holiday” magazine a friend recently gave me.

This was just a couple of years after Disneyland opened in July 1955, so Walt’s still very much part of the picture…



Disneyland was in a major expansion mode around this time, too, with Tomorrowland finally starting to be something other than an exhibition hall. dl3


A rare overhead shot of the park. Compared to today, it’s actually tiny – it fits within its own outer berm. Today’s park extends well beyond that border in many directions. The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Land sits well above the upper-left corner.dl4


Disneyland was a very new concept for folks back then, and so the magazine spends lots of time explaining what’s on offer. Merchandising is already a big part of that, including Tinker Bell’s Enchanted Wand.



Disneyland was new enough back in the day that it needed to be seen as part of the total Southern California experience, rather than an only-come-here destination like it is today. Maybe you could take a limo to the park!dl6


Believe it or not, the Red Wagon Restaurant still exists under a different name in today’s Disneyland, more than 50 years later. An adjacent “Red Wagon” serves corn dogs.



You’d never see today’s Disneyland advertising someone else’s Inn, but at the time, Disney didn’t operate any hotels. The adjacent Disneyland Hotel was brand-new and owned by the Wrather Corporation.dl8


Folks needed touring advice for this new kind of park, and part of this magazine’s mission was to get them going.dl9


Disney sold these magazines cheaply – basically breaking even on printing, in hopes that people would take them home, leave them on the coffee table, and entice their neighbors to visit.dl10dl11


Why not complete your trip to Southern California with a visit to… a cemetery? It’s where Walt himself is buried today.



Fireworks were an early part of the Disneyland experience, including its first show, “Fantasy in the Sky.”



Keep the kids busy during the car drive to Disneyland. And what’s this – is Disney advertising for a nearby competitor?dl14


Walt was especially proud of his “authentic” Indian village.dl15


Always something new to do in Disneyland.dl16


Don’t forget to keep your trip diary!dl17


Planning a Disneyland trip is a lot harder these days, but the company still offered some tips.dl18


The lay of the land.dl19