A Book Status Update

I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, and wanted to offer an update. As a reminder, if you’ve already grabbed one of my Leanpub books, Leanpub may not be notifying you of updates because you have to re-opt-in due to their GDPR compliance changes.

Links to most of these can be found at http://leanpub.com/u/donjones.

2E-Kindle-Cover Be the Master, Second Edition is complete and available at Amazon. I note this because there actually is more content available to readers of the book. In the “Stay Connected” section of the front matter, you’ll find a link to a weekly content newsletter, which will run for a full year. It’s basically another whole book, for free, and I don’t want you to miss out.

wolf How to Find a Wolf in Siberia is nearing completion. I’ve got a few thousand more words to write in the last part of the book, and it’ll be done.

scfiptingtoolmaking Jeff and I have been secretly releasing updates to The PowerShell Scripting & Toolmaking Book, including a big new part on using Pester to write automated unit tests for your scripts. We’re also queuing up ideas for more updates, which we’ll be working on over the Summer and Fall this year. If you don’t have this book, get it now, because the nest batch of updates will likely be accompanied by a price increase to reflect the larger size of the book.

powershelln00bs This has been a fun project – Don Jones’ Powershell 4N00bs is first in a series of books that I want to create where I work with newer or unpublished authors. While Jason is neither of those, it was a great way to tackle a new series, since we both love PowerShell. This book is approaching the 80% complete phase, and an update went out today.

cloudn00bs Next, Don Jones’ The Cloud 4N00bs is the second 4N00bs book, and is now being co-authored by Will Anderson. An update was released today with Will’s first chapter. This is a great book to recommend to a tech newbie in your life who wants to learn more about running services on AWS or Azure.

I’m also seeking new authors to work on additional 4N00bs projects, so if you’re interested, please use the “HMU” link and tell me what subject tickles your fancy. These books are meant to be short and concise, so they’re a great way to get your feet wet in book authoring, and I offer a lot of help in the way of organizing the content and such.

large.png Finally, PowerShell By Mistake, my newest project, is up to 8 chapters with two more underway as of today. This is a different approach to learning PowerShell or validating your expertise; it walks you through common problems that I see other people making, and offers an explanation about those. It’s a great way to get “outside the box” with PowerShell and explore some of its most irritating gotchas in a more prescriptive way. For every 25 new readers, I add at least one chapter, and am committed to no fewer than 12 chapters per year. This’ll be a continually-growing project, so there’ll always be new material added over time.