Safety Recall

Taking a break from AMAs to offer you some holiday fun. Hope you enjoy.

I was tinkering in the lab when Oberon ran past the door, shouting, “Major alert! Let’s go!” It was rare for me to head into the field with the rest of the Tytans; I usually stayed behind to monitor the situation in our Command Center. Bringing me along meant they suspected or knew another gadgeteer was involved, and that always raised concerns. I dropped what I was doing, powered down my lab bench, grabbed the duffel bag containing my combat gear, and ran down the hall to the hangar bay.

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Are You a Single Nerd? Or Know One?

Do you self-identify as a “nerd?” Many of us in the IT industry do. Are you single? E.g., not in a long-term relationship at the moment? Or perhaps you know someone who fits that description – if so, please ask them to read this. Or if you were perhaps a recently single nerd, this’ll still feel familiar to you.

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AMA: System Center Therapy

Michael writes:

Looking for some therapy and was hoping you could help. We are mainly an on-premise Microsoft shop and I have been tasked to use system center orchestrator to orchestrate some of our more tedious tasks. The therapy part comes in with are there any more communities that even use SCORCH and how or what can I move my orchestrations over to?
On a I side note, I have been working SCCM for about 20years, nothing earthshattering but I help keep us up and running. So when I was task to start creating orchestration you and the ps community were a God send. Thank you so much for all the help you have already provide us all. Thank you.

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AMA: What’re the Opportunities in Writing?

D. checks in with:

I met you briefly at Summit this year (I know you meet a lot of people so I don’t expect you to remember) and I was wondering if you could offer some advice.

Like many in the PS community I work full-time in IT, but I also do a lot of freelance writing for a few different sites. I started writing about a year ago primarily for some side income but also obviously because I love what I write about and wanted to become active in our community. In addition I am also active on Twitter and I am looking to increase my public speaking opportunities.

I guess for the time being I am trying to walk in the foot steps of yourself and others who have done the same sort of work. I am hoping you could provide some insight into what future opportunities would be possible based on writing, speaking, etc. I see certain people become tech advocates, authors for example. For me, understanding what is possible would probably help me decide what direction I would like to take in the future. Being you are prominent in our field, I think you probably have a good idea of what avenues are possible.

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AMA: What about the fear?

Stuart reader asks:

Cyber security, Artificial intelligence and hacking are all [trending] in the media recently.

Microsoft has prevented access to political groups sites, Banks are wanting to have a more streamlined user experience. And people are warning that AI will be more disruptive and could be the end for us all.

Should we all learn about the above to be part of the solution or should we not worry and carry on reading about the fear media outlets are feeding us?

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