[language] Declension and Vulgar Latin

Almost all modern languages rely on word order to convey meaning. Were I to say, “the ball fell,” you’d know what I meant. I’m talking about a ball, and something it did, which was to fall. If I said, “the fell ball,” I’d be conveying an entirely different meaning, that of a ball which is vicious and cruel, turning “fell” from a verb into an adjective simply by placement. But this word order situation hasn’t always been the norm.

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AMA: Books or Video?

Nelson asks:

Reading books versus watching videos or a combination of both to evolve in your career? I am actually trying to evolve in my career as a Windows Systems Administrator and since a few months already, I am trying to learn the most I can about PowerShell. I feel that I am in low intermediate level. I am almost ending my first book written by you “PowerShell in a Months of Lunches” and looking forward to continue with the others. Trying to automate many routine tasks at my actual job in a successful way till now. But honestly, is really hard sometimes to advance with the speed I would wish to. Nevertheless, and since there are so many different companies providing studies through videos, I sometimes have the doubt if by only watching videos might be good enough to increase the level of knowledge or it is really recommended a combination of both (books and videos together). The lack of time for normal persons like me with family and kids might tend to prioritize the videos. But can you really get to the next level by only doing that?

I hope you’ll ask a question, too! And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

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