AT&T CEO’s “5Ge” Remarks, Clarified

If you happened to read the recent article about what the AT&T CEO said about their “5Ge” service, you may have been confused by his words. I’ve excerpted his comments here and edited them for clarity.

“If I have lied outright and made a lot of people talk about it, now occupy beachfront real estate in our competitors’ heads, that makes me smile,” AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan said during an appearance on stage at CES today.

“Our Every company is guilty of building a narrative of how you want the world to work lying,” Donovan said. “And I love the fact that we broke our industry’s narrative totally made shit up two days ago, and they’re frustrated and gonna do what they’re gonna do calling us out everywhere.”

“We did customer research, and then threw it in the trash they were very not only amenable, but interested in learning when they were on that network experience because just lying to customers is easier,” he said.

Hope that helps.