AMA: How Do You De-Stress?

I’ve recently had a few folks ask something along the lines of, “how do you care for yourself, personally, and deal with the stress from work?”

It’s actually kind of a simple answer, but it comes in a few parts.

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Support a New Sci-Fi Author and get Two Novels for $5.

I love writing. It relaxes me, I can do it from anywhere, and it’s fun. Since 2001, I’ve written technology books – literally dozens of them – and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. But I’ve always wanted to branch out and tell stories.

Carpe diem, right? Why wait? I mean, worse case I suck at it, right?

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[career] Navigating Your Career

I get a ton of questions from folks related to “career navigation.” That is, how do you “set yourself up” for whatever’s next in your career, and how do you even decide what that is?

Let me start with this:

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