DIY Snacky Packs

TI’ve been trying to improve my tumultuous relationship with food, and that’s involved eating a little bit, more frequently, and cutting back on the amount of starches I eat. It’s been a huge help. One of the biggest helpers – because I’m all about “don’t have to think about it” – has been the Sargento Balanced Break packs. They’re pre-measured for me, are easy to carry, and come in convenient three-packs that cost a whopping $5. They also create a lot of plastic waste, which sucks.

Time for a fix.

We started by buying a bunch of unroasted, unsalted (sodium’s a problem for me, too; the cheese usually has plenty enough to start with) nuts in bulk. We added a little seasoning to them (not salt) and roasted them in a cookie sheet in the oven at home. We also bought some hard cheeses and chopped them into small cubes.

I found these adorable snack packs on Amazon. At $13 for 30, they’re not a bad price. They’re not the most durable things in the world, but if you’re careful, they’re good for a dozen or more uses, which beats the Sargento non-resealable just-toss-it packaging.

The result:


They’re pre-measured and ready-to-go. Purchasing everything in bulk brought them down to just under $1 each (plus the reusable container), which is far less than the Sargento version. I do need to find a more durable container once these ones finally break down.

Starting with the bagged nuts, block cheese, and empty containers, it takes me about 20-25 minutes to prepare 10 snack packs – enough to get the two of us through an entire week. They stack pretty well in the fridge to keep the cheese fresh.

What tricks have you come up with to stop you from grabbing a bag of potato chips when the hungries hit?

4 thoughts on “DIY Snacky Packs

  1. Doug

    I keep a tin of mixed nuts at home and another one in my desk drawer at work. When the munchies hit, I just grab a small handful of those.

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