I’m going to be shifting some of my blogging activity, and going back to being more regular. Pick me up at

That site’s theme is really all about career, personally defined success, and passing along what you know, all topics that are very top-of-head for me right now. So the articles there will fit those themes. will be expanding a bit, too: I’m in the middle of an online workshop series based on the book, and there’ll be more of those, along with in-person ones, in the future. The site will also host a weekly newsletter, which is designed to just give you a “huh, never thought about it that way” jolt once a week. The idea is, as Be the Master says, to get you thinking more like a driver of your life, and less like a passenger.

I’ll continue to use this site for “more personal” stuff that are less career-connected.

It’s easy enough to see everything in one feed on my Twitter feed, and obviously both blogs support RSS.

I continue to invite you to Ask Me Anything, as your questions have resulted in some really fun articles in the past!

And, if you’ve your own career stories to share, please Hit Me Up. I’d love to share with the audience on

Finally, I’ve still got lots of books happening, if you’d like to check ’em out. Many titles are “pay what you think they’re worth,” and I appreciate everyone who’s helped me pay the bills via that work.